National Day of Prayer 9

Just got back from Merritt's game.

My God, My Father, My Savior, My Friend,

Thank you for epic church.  Thank you for the calling you gave me for this ministry in this town to these companions.  Thank you for the meaningful friendships that we share.  Thank you for the mission we share.  Thank you for the significant times of collective worship we share.  Thank you that I don't have to work out my spiritual growth in a vacuum, but I have friends to work it out with.

God, guide us continually into faith-filled risks for your kingdom's sake.  Keep inspiring us to try more, explore more, find more ways to expand our experience of  you and our impact on the world you Love.  Inspire new creativity in our ministries to children, students, and adults.  Direct us to the specific needs of Hanford that you want us to serve for your honor.  Help us reach more people for your kingdom in our personal relationships.

God empower us with you Holy Spirit to live and serve in Your power.  Break down any barrier that stands in the way of your empowerment in our lives and our church.  Make us bold worshippers, courageous witnesses, committed disciples, authentic friends, faithful servants, holy Christians.

Let your word dwell in us richly; effecting change in our individual and personal character.  Change our hearts so that we want to live radically according to your word.  Help us to reject any idea of adding some God to our lives, or living our lives better with God in them.  Instead, empower us to live wholly for You, sacrificing all that is ours so that we have only You and what is yours.  Help us to rise above the standards of western culture and see sacrifice, service, generosity, humility, and grace as central values.

Glorify yourself through us in any way that you see fit.  Cause us to do only the things that bring you honor and fame.  Make your name famous through us.  We reject any credit for what you do.  

God reach hurting people through epic.  Reach angry people through epic.  Reach content people through epic.  Reach searching people through epic.  Reach confused people, discouraged people, misdirected people, any people you would have us reach.  Help us to be a people who are gracious and unstuffy, passionate and tracking with you, spiritual and Spirit-led, grounded in the truth and established in faith.

Help us to love mercy,
act justly,
and walk with you in humility.

Raise up your leaders for the movement you want us to be.  Leaders with your heart, your purpose, your character, and your commitment.  continue to lead us by your presence in us all.

Teach us the supremacy of love...
Be the center.  

And to you be all the the honor and glory, because of your power.
In the name of the one and only God who is triune.


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