National Day of Prayer 3

Heard a political ad.

God Dad,
Be holy in my and in my country; in my state and in my county; in my city and in my neighborhood. Be holy as I make your holiness known.  Since holiness is so hard for me, overwhelm me with your Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of your holiness in me.  Be seen for who you are and take all of the glory for yourself.

Teach my heart how to feel about your will for our country.  Form your will for our country in my mind.  Reveal to me how I should vote as an informed and involved follower of Christ in California, USA.

God guide our leaders and accomplish your will through them.  I know that you are omnipotent and that your plans always succeed while ours come to be only a memory.  Replace my mistrust in politicians with supreme confidence in your supremacy.   God give our leaders at every level a heart after your own.  May they reflect the leadership of your king, David - who though imperfect was devoted to serve your will.  God use the imperfection of our leaders to bring about your perfect will.  Man, that's hard for me to absorb, but I know that you do it!!!

God guide our leaders morally.  As you redeem the individuals who lead this country, state, county, and city, build your character in them so that it is godly character that guides them.  In areas of world diplomacy, domestic policy, fiscal responsibility, care for the nation and the citizens of our nations, domestic safety, world leadership, guide our leaders to safety, peace, security, and goodness.  

Protect our leaders.  
Guide our president and bless Him.
Guide our governor and bless Him.
Guide our Mayor and Bless Him.



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