National Day of Prayer 5

I just returned from the Kings County National Day of Prayer Luncheon.

Papa God,
I realize how far we are from you as a country.  In our efforts to protect freedom of religion we, as a nation, have relegated You to the position of one among many.  I am sorry.  I don't know how to correct it.  I feel trapped in that reality because I want my freedom protected, but I want you to be lifted up as the I AM, the one and only God that you are.  And I feel like we will never know your truest blessing as a country while we embrace false gods.  Forgive us God!

Help me to keep You sovereign in my life.  And move upon the hearts and spirits of Christians in political position to keep you sovereign in their lives and in their roles in governing.  Move authentic Christ-followers into government positions and redeem our country for Yourself.  Give me wisdom and revelation about standing for you in a pluralistic society with integrity and passion for your holy name.



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