National Day of Prayer 9

Just got back from Merritt's game.

My God, My Father, My Savior, My Friend,

Thank you for epic church.  Thank you for the calling you gave me for this ministry in this town to these companions.  Thank you for the meaningful friendships that we share.  Thank you for the mission we share.  Thank you for the significant times of collective worship we share.  Thank you that I don't have to work out my spiritual growth in a vacuum, but I have friends to work it out with.

God, guide us continually into faith-filled risks for your kingdom's sake.  Keep inspiring us to try more, explore more, find more ways to expand our experience of  you and our impact on the world you Love.  Inspire new creativity in our ministries to children, students, and adults.  Direct us to the specific needs of Hanford that you want us to serve for your honor.  Help us reach more people for your kingdom in our personal relationships.

God empower us with you Holy Spirit to live and serve in Your power.  Break down any barrier that stands in the way of your empowerment in our lives and our church.  Make us bold worshippers, courageous witnesses, committed disciples, authentic friends, faithful servants, holy Christians.

Let your word dwell in us richly; effecting change in our individual and personal character.  Change our hearts so that we want to live radically according to your word.  Help us to reject any idea of adding some God to our lives, or living our lives better with God in them.  Instead, empower us to live wholly for You, sacrificing all that is ours so that we have only You and what is yours.  Help us to rise above the standards of western culture and see sacrifice, service, generosity, humility, and grace as central values.

Glorify yourself through us in any way that you see fit.  Cause us to do only the things that bring you honor and fame.  Make your name famous through us.  We reject any credit for what you do.  

God reach hurting people through epic.  Reach angry people through epic.  Reach content people through epic.  Reach searching people through epic.  Reach confused people, discouraged people, misdirected people, any people you would have us reach.  Help us to be a people who are gracious and unstuffy, passionate and tracking with you, spiritual and Spirit-led, grounded in the truth and established in faith.

Help us to love mercy,
act justly,
and walk with you in humility.

Raise up your leaders for the movement you want us to be.  Leaders with your heart, your purpose, your character, and your commitment.  continue to lead us by your presence in us all.

Teach us the supremacy of love...
Be the center.  

And to you be all the the honor and glory, because of your power.
In the name of the one and only God who is triune.

National Day of Prayer 9

Finished dinner and getting ready for Hanford Youth Baseball.  (It's Cal Ripkin not Little League.)


The Lord is my CEO.  And I'm well compensated: beyond my need.

He has given me a better than average American tract home in which to rest comfortably; and He keeps Wal Mart fully stocked with groceries when I am hungry.

Whenever I am losing heart, He overcomes me with refreshment through His encouraging Spirit and the fellowship of my Christian friends.  And when I am tempted, His Spirit guides to to the nearest escape.

When my circumstance is so bad that I cannot see a way through, or when things are so bad that I wish I were dead, I can find comfort and resilience when I recognize Him guiding and correcting me... even disciplining me to keep me safe.  I am comforted by these things.  Sometimes, surprisingly so!

When I think my enemies are winning, He is so sure of our victory that He is already preparing a banquet for my in Heaven.  When I choose prayer and worship in the midst of attack, it's like I'm already at that banquet, enjoying the sweet presence of the victorious Lamb of God.

I am convinced that my whole life will be filled with His goodness and mercy raining down on me.  And He will be my constant companion through the indwelling of His Spirit, since I am His temple.


National Day of Prayer 8

Mason just left to play at his friend's house.  His friend's dad is away on naval duty.

Jesus - Prince of Peace,
I pray for peace.  I admit that I do not understand peace in our time.  Lord, all I see is the confusion of our fallenness and the sinful ambition of many who are in powerful positions in the world.  I see hatred running rampant and pride unabated.  Yet, to You I come asking for peace.

Bring an end to the reign of tyrants in the nations of our world.  Squash the strongholds of  hatred in the powerhouses of our world's governments.  End war.  Bring our soldiers home safely.

Thank you for those Americans who have given their lives to the service of peace as soldiers.  And I hate the idea that preserving peace comes at the hands of soldiers, but I know that the absolute irony of that reality is born in the sin of humans.  So God please protect our soldiers and accomplish peace without their death. 

I pray that humans worldwide would find eternal peace with you so that earthly peace may be realized.  I know that you will allow a leader promising false peace to come, but Lord delay his coming so that we servants of the gospel may have more effect on the souls of this Earth.

Keep our nation free from the terror of attack on our soil.  Keep soldiers of terror at bay as you did in New York this very week.  Thank you for your protection.

Give our leaders supernatural wisdom to avoid war for any cause and wisdom to win any unavoidable war quickly and without loss of human life.  Lord, if any life must be lost in war, let it be one who is redeemed by you and will certainly enter into your glory.  And surely save those who are spared so that their earthly life may have eternal purpose and expand your kingdom.

Make your people in America and around the world, ambassadors of your peace.  True peace.  Peace with God so that your rule and reign on this planet is accomplished through us.

I love you Papa God.  Thank you for your eternal peace in my life.


National Day of Prayer 7

My kids just came home from school.

Papa God,
I lift up to you the teachers and school administrators of our nation.  Though the system has tried to lock you out, you have many ambassadors in the classrooms of our nation.  Thank you for these teachers.  Make them great at their task and use them in ways that they do not even realize, to nurture the souls of our nation.

Encourage our teachers who feel over-worked and over-loaded.  Ease their fears and frustrations related to the budget cuts they are experiencing.  Keep the excellent teachers who serve You in the classrooms of our nation during this era of teacher lay-offs.

Sustain every teacher in their task and compel them toward excellence.  Give them supernatural patience and wisdom, insight into the specific needs of each child and the time and ability to exercise that wisdom.  Bring parents on board with each teacher so that their efforts can be multiplied.  Give teachers the ability to inspire as they educate and the energy they need to burn that candle on both ends.  Meet their needs financially so that they can stay encouraged and focused on their important roles in our country. 

Bring unity between administration and faculty as they strive together for the shared goal of  preparing our children for their roles in our nation.  Prevent politics and divisiveness from interrupting excellence in education.  And put more authority in the hands of teachers to use their skills and a variety of resources to reach their students.


National Day of Prayer 6

Thinking about the economy.

God, Holy and True, Eternal and Close, Friend and Father,

From the bowels of the economic institutions that guide the business of this country, to the mom-and-pop shops that serve our cities and towns everywhere, restore equity and integrity to the business dealings of our nation.  Change the hearts of vicious business persons who have only personal gain in mind and who are willing to squash others in its pursuit. 

Make fair treatment of all a core value once again of business in our country. 

Let truth guide and guard all the transactions of business in our country.  Create a community perspective that seeks the good of all in the pursuit of success in business.  Convict those who create structures and who initiate transactions that damage others in pursuit of only personal financial gain.  And then, draw them to new standards of business practice that are both effective and equitable.

Defeat the spirit of opportunism that looks for loop-holes and creates money mongers who abuse economic systems to win financial gain when impending financial ruin will knowingly befall others.  And God, please help those who find themselves homeless and jobless in the aftermath of such business dealings in our country today.  And God, bless those business persons who follow your principles of integrity and fairness.  Bring them to positions of influence that will change the tide of fiscal dealings in America.  Bless this economy so that Americans may continue to bless the world through our generosity and world-wide care. 

Help those of us who follow you to know when we have enough and like your servant Paul to practice the discipline of contentment, and to see our resources as Yours so that Your kingdom will expand as we use those resources for Your purposes in our lives, in Your church, in this nation.


National Day of Prayer 5

I just returned from the Kings County National Day of Prayer Luncheon.

Papa God,
I realize how far we are from you as a country.  In our efforts to protect freedom of religion we, as a nation, have relegated You to the position of one among many.  I am sorry.  I don't know how to correct it.  I feel trapped in that reality because I want my freedom protected, but I want you to be lifted up as the I AM, the one and only God that you are.  And I feel like we will never know your truest blessing as a country while we embrace false gods.  Forgive us God!

Help me to keep You sovereign in my life.  And move upon the hearts and spirits of Christians in political position to keep you sovereign in their lives and in their roles in governing.  Move authentic Christ-followers into government positions and redeem our country for Yourself.  Give me wisdom and revelation about standing for you in a pluralistic society with integrity and passion for your holy name.


National Day of Prayer 4


Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.
He placed me in a family where Christian faith was genuine.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He put Sunday School teachers, church leaders, pastors and friends in my life to show me true love and grace.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He has protected me from death and harm when my own choices put me in dangerous positions.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He presented me with his grace when I was young and redeemed when I was a child.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He taught me through His word and by His Spirit to live faithfully to Him.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He forgives me when I fail Him, though I do not deserve His grace.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He brought Rhonda into my life and revealed His plan to here when I was still afraid of marriage.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He has painted our marriage with the colors of love, faithfulness, security, joy, hope, partnership, and grace.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He gave us three beautiful children with hearts that are softened toward the Lord.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He gave eternal life to Merritt and Mason at early ages.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He called me into and uses me for the building of His eternal kingdom, even though I am hopelessly flawed and fall short of His glory.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  
He continues to bless me.
I have grace-filled friends.
I have an expansive and beautiful home.
I have a car that runs well.
I have a garden that brings me rest.
I have food everyday and too much of it.
My job is secure.
His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, my God and King, my saviour and friend, and forget not all His benefits.
For He is good.

National Day of Prayer 3

Heard a political ad.

God Dad,
Be holy in my and in my country; in my state and in my county; in my city and in my neighborhood. Be holy as I make your holiness known.  Since holiness is so hard for me, overwhelm me with your Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of your holiness in me.  Be seen for who you are and take all of the glory for yourself.

Teach my heart how to feel about your will for our country.  Form your will for our country in my mind.  Reveal to me how I should vote as an informed and involved follower of Christ in California, USA.

God guide our leaders and accomplish your will through them.  I know that you are omnipotent and that your plans always succeed while ours come to be only a memory.  Replace my mistrust in politicians with supreme confidence in your supremacy.   God give our leaders at every level a heart after your own.  May they reflect the leadership of your king, David - who though imperfect was devoted to serve your will.  God use the imperfection of our leaders to bring about your perfect will.  Man, that's hard for me to absorb, but I know that you do it!!!

God guide our leaders morally.  As you redeem the individuals who lead this country, state, county, and city, build your character in them so that it is godly character that guides them.  In areas of world diplomacy, domestic policy, fiscal responsibility, care for the nation and the citizens of our nations, domestic safety, world leadership, guide our leaders to safety, peace, security, and goodness.  

Protect our leaders.  
Guide our president and bless Him.
Guide our governor and bless Him.
Guide our Mayor and Bless Him.


National Day of Prayer 2

My prayer as I made breakfast for my children this morning.

Papa God, be seen as holy and awesome through my life.

Thank you for this food that I have to give my children.  Please protect hungry children around our globe today.  Protect them from death and disease.  Heal those who are already suffering disease.  Confront and  defeat governments that abuse and ignore the hungry in their countries for some kind of illegitimate gain.  And when you do so replace them with godly governments that want to honor you and do your will.

Bring more of your followers together for the cause of feeding the world you love.  Help us to take our loaves and fishes to you so that as we give to those in need, you will expand our provisions to care for our children as well.

Thank you for bringing Jhon, Abin, and Nasuuana to our family to care for through monthly support.  Bless them today as they are fed by your provision through us.  Help us to see where we cane meet more needs.  Give us eyes to see.  Lift our heads to the fields of harvest so that we may love them with your love. There are hungry people in our town Lord.  Thank you for the success of the "fill the pantry" event in Hanford this week.  Thank you for the supply that regularly goes into the soup kitchen here in town.  God bless those who are involved in those ministries and raise up others to minister even more to those in need here.  Give us creativity to see how we can meet more needs here.

Teach us to love You by loving the lowly and needy in our lives.


National Day of Prayer 1

As I lay in bed this morning - allowing the day to soak into my being, my prayers began with prayer for my family.  I'm going to briefly continue that prayer here in hopes that you will join me in praying for your family.

Papa God, I am lifting you up in your holiness.
Thank you for my wife and for all that she is to me.  Heal her body today.  Guide her into more of your powerful presence, with love, peace, joy and goodness.  Continue to bless her - reveal your will to her and draw her into it completely.  Protect my lovely wife from every kind of evil plot against her and keep her safe emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Thank you for my wonderful children.  Make me worthy of being their father.  Help me to be the kind of father that draws them ever closer to you and that makes it easy for them to know you as their Holy, Daddy God.  Protect them from every harm.  Make them flourish in your will.  Grow your image in them each moment.  Cause them to choose you always and to never follow the ways of this world.  Give them your spirit to resist the temptations they will face as they grow and mature.  Use them to extend your kingdom to others today and always.  Protect them God and help me to be their earthly defender and guide.

God, be with my dad and bring him spiritual and physical strength today.  Let him experience joy and peace.  Help him not to worry.  Keep him sharp and healthy.  Protect him from accident and incident.

Keep my brothers in your will.  Draw them to your side today to experience your fruit and power.  Keep them and their families healthy and safe.  Make this day a productive day for your kingdom in all of their spheres of influence.  Protect them from every distraction and delusion of the enemy that would draw them away from you and your purpose for them today.

Lord, go to my brother-in-law and change his heart.  Send your spirit to draw him, change him, transform him and redeem him.  Make him a blessing and a godly leader to my sister-in-law and my nieces and nephew.  Give my sister-in-law and her children an abundance in your Spirit to stand up in you this day and always.  Change my heart toward him.

Bless Derek and Stephanie and baby Gray.  Keep them in your will and draw them closer to you in intimacy.  Give them a shared purpose in your kingdom to pursue and in which to delight together.

God, while all of these requests are important to me, I surrender them to your will and ask that you would use each of these people to bring you glory, to expand your power in this world, and to honor yourself in each area they represent.


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