Why We Keep Looking

Have you ever wondered why you keep looking for new things to bring fulfillment... why what brought you staisfaction just a couple of months earlier just became boring and uninteresting?

I have noticed that this situation displays itself in hundreds of differnt ways in my life and in the lives of those who I counsel in my ministry. In fact it seems to be one of the core issues of life: that true fulfillment seems illusive or fleeting.

I recently read from John Piper in my preparation for this week's message this description of our problem. Mr. Piper states that there are 3 core problems witho our attempts to find true satisfaction. 1) The things we use for satisfaction lack the power to provide the satisfaction we seek since they are created things. 2) We lack the power to enjoy the things that God created to the full extent of the value they do posess. 3) We search for satisfaction in temporary things and so they provide temporary satisfaction.

I found this analysis very helpful to me. This Sunday we are studying our likeness to God and the participation in His glorious nature that He intends for us. And part of the picture of sharing in His glorious nature is our abolition of lesser things in our lives. How often I forfeit the true fulfillment of sharing in His glory for things that are incapable of providing fulfillment and that I am incapable of fully appreciating.


A New Blog

OK, Here is my new, new blog.
I think this will be the best incarnation of my blog so far. Finally you comments will be easily allowed and I will enjoy the more dynamic format. I may even blog more often than before.

Thanks for checking in. I will hopefully have something to say in the next couple of days. As for now... Its Sunday afternoon and I've said about all I can say for one day.

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