Some Molly-isms

(A picture when I get to my own computer.)

"Wahh deet"
Translation = "Merritt"

"I eee is" = "There it is"

"Waht" = "Milk"

"Uhhdee" = "Mason" (We call him Buddy-Buddy at home.)

"Doo" = "Shoes"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh pee" = "Up" ( I know that uppie is pretty common, but Molly holds out the first syllable longer than most)

"No, N0, No, No" = "No thank you daddy."

"Mine" = "If you don't give that back to me right this minute I am going to scream at the top of my lungs until you give in."


I actually laughed outloud

I just saw this truck on 12th avenue with the back window covered in stickers. This guy was obviously politically to the right. And it was just such a Hanford moment. Shocked right into my reality. Here's a couple of the lines that I remember.

Let's keep all three!"

"I love animals!
They're delicious."

"Gun control means
use two hands."

Hanford, at its earthy best!
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A Sad, Sad Day

I recently met with my friend Jonny Bartlett for coffee. (I love to have "meetings.") I knew going in that this time of hanging out over a brew (not a brewsky) would be less than happy for me. I had received an e-mail the day before from Jonny explaining that he and his wife Jessica would be looking for a new congregation to call home.

Now, I take all such situations personally and it is always very hard. This was hard because of the totality of the journey that we shared as epic together and because of the value I placed on our personal connection. Jonny and Jessica were one of the very first people to join the epic launch team beside the original 6. Rhonda, I, Jonny, Jessica, Merritt, and Mason sat in my dad's living room and dreamed of what worship at epic could be like. We drempt of a common commitment to serving those in need (particularly in recovery) in our community. We drempt of a place where friendships were the core of ministry instead of a happy by-product. It was a great night of connection that has remained strong in my heart ever since.

Jonny and Jessica have been instrumental in many things at epic. Here are just a few: sound technology, community service - the Kindness Faire, community service - KCAO, community service - Hannah's House, community service - Champions, and most obviously - the ministry of worship. With skill, dedication, and heart they have moved the ministry of worship forward... and epic forward is so many ways.

Jonny and Jessica, Thanks for you. You gave God your lives and us yourselves. We are grateful.

Jonny and I had a great "meeting" (haha). Our friendship seems strong as always. Our hopes are common hopes and we still share a lot of dreams. I am sure that there will be a lot of Kingdom business to share wherever Jonny, Jessica, and the handsome Nathan Bartlett land.

If you are part of epic and get the chance, tell Jonny and Jessica thanks!

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