National Day of Prayer 7

My kids just came home from school.

Papa God,
I lift up to you the teachers and school administrators of our nation.  Though the system has tried to lock you out, you have many ambassadors in the classrooms of our nation.  Thank you for these teachers.  Make them great at their task and use them in ways that they do not even realize, to nurture the souls of our nation.

Encourage our teachers who feel over-worked and over-loaded.  Ease their fears and frustrations related to the budget cuts they are experiencing.  Keep the excellent teachers who serve You in the classrooms of our nation during this era of teacher lay-offs.

Sustain every teacher in their task and compel them toward excellence.  Give them supernatural patience and wisdom, insight into the specific needs of each child and the time and ability to exercise that wisdom.  Bring parents on board with each teacher so that their efforts can be multiplied.  Give teachers the ability to inspire as they educate and the energy they need to burn that candle on both ends.  Meet their needs financially so that they can stay encouraged and focused on their important roles in our country. 

Bring unity between administration and faculty as they strive together for the shared goal of  preparing our children for their roles in our nation.  Prevent politics and divisiveness from interrupting excellence in education.  And put more authority in the hands of teachers to use their skills and a variety of resources to reach their students.



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