National Day of Prayer 6

Thinking about the economy.

God, Holy and True, Eternal and Close, Friend and Father,

From the bowels of the economic institutions that guide the business of this country, to the mom-and-pop shops that serve our cities and towns everywhere, restore equity and integrity to the business dealings of our nation.  Change the hearts of vicious business persons who have only personal gain in mind and who are willing to squash others in its pursuit. 

Make fair treatment of all a core value once again of business in our country. 

Let truth guide and guard all the transactions of business in our country.  Create a community perspective that seeks the good of all in the pursuit of success in business.  Convict those who create structures and who initiate transactions that damage others in pursuit of only personal financial gain.  And then, draw them to new standards of business practice that are both effective and equitable.

Defeat the spirit of opportunism that looks for loop-holes and creates money mongers who abuse economic systems to win financial gain when impending financial ruin will knowingly befall others.  And God, please help those who find themselves homeless and jobless in the aftermath of such business dealings in our country today.  And God, bless those business persons who follow your principles of integrity and fairness.  Bring them to positions of influence that will change the tide of fiscal dealings in America.  Bless this economy so that Americans may continue to bless the world through our generosity and world-wide care. 

Help those of us who follow you to know when we have enough and like your servant Paul to practice the discipline of contentment, and to see our resources as Yours so that Your kingdom will expand as we use those resources for Your purposes in our lives, in Your church, in this nation.



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