Season of Prayer and Meditation Entry 11

Praying today for our ministry to students and kids. I'm specifically praying for these important servants in those ministry areas.
Jill Axelson
Joy Prys
Jordan & Sarah Bentley
Kirk Warmerdam
Josie Lopez
Melissa & Jason Lincicum
Tyler & Dusti Jones
Jeffery Hamilton
Lori Kane
Debbie Downs
Phil Perkins
Debbie Garrett
Allyson Sippel
Breanne Luis
Jennifer Adams
Rosemary Capriola
Bethany Cantrell
Heather Cripe
Pam Perkins

I'm praying for endurance and persistence and the mission today. And asking God to protect these families in these economically tough times. I'm asking for their souls to be nourished and their vision to be renewed. I asking for their physical health and for a dynamic sense of God's presence in all the areas of life.


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