Season of Prayer and Meditation Entry 6

A Prayer

My Father in Heaven, How incredible Your name is. Its so incredible that I should never speak it and yet I say it casually. FATHER. GOD. LORD. YAHWEAH. No I say it with reverence today. I say it with respect and trepidation today. I say it with honor today. GOD. I say it in every part of me today. GOD.

May I devote the entirety of my day to the honor of your name. Take my thoughts LORD and be honored by my casual thoughts and my intense thinking. Be honored by my criticisms and my compliments. Be honored by my opinions and my fantasies. Take my thoughts and be honored today.

LORD, in Your name, take my words and be honored today. Be honored in the stories I relate. Be honored in the comedy I share. Be honored in the good and bad news I convey. Be honored in the instructions I deliver. Be honored in the facts I exchange. Be honored in the banter, intellectual, comic, causal, mundane, that I engage in. Let no unwholesome talk come from my mouth. For out of a man's mouth, his heart flows.

FATHER, I devote my activity to You. All that I do. Every chore, task, engagement, meeting, meal, sport, calculation, or other thing I do... Be it unto You an act of worship. May all of me speak all of YOU in honor today.



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