Prayer and Meditation entry 9

Today is devoted to prayer for those who facilitate Life Groups at epic.
I am praying that god will guide them each, bless them each specifically, protect them spiritually from the deception and temptation of the Enemy, counsel them, comfort, and restore them. I am mentioning them each by name and devoting an hour of my thoughts as I go through the day to that person. So far I have spent an hour on 6 people.

I have continued with my responsibilities for the day and having conversations as I have needed and when my mind has had free time or has wandered, I have directed those moments to prayer for each of these individuals.

John & Joy Prys
Sal & Josie Lopez
Scott & Ashley Peterson
Darin & Brandi Parson
Pat & Jonell Freitas
Myself and Rhonda

I have said it a thousand times, "at epic it all comes down to Life Groups." God has done the most significant things in our congregation in and through these groups. Thank you all for being involved in a Life Group and thank you facilitators for staying the course and guarding the church as you invest in the lives of those around you.


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