Prayer and Meditation Entry 8

Surely God has met all my needs.
Thank you God for my family - my wife who loves me SO unconditionally, my children who are healthy, happy, fun, smart and growing in faith.Thank you God for my home, safe, secure, filled with love, warm, and beautiful.
Thank you God for food to eat. My bills are paid and there is always plenty to get through the grocery store with a full basket.
Thank you God for clothes to wear - plenty of them, warm enough for Winter, cool enough for Summer, variety, and quality.
Thank you God for our car that gets us everywhere we need to go safely and we have never had to worry about being stranded.
Thank you God for electricity and flushing toilets and running water and heaters and air conditioning... Just by virtue of my generation I have the basic blessings... I take them for granted and consider them basic necessities, but they are a privilege that I don't even deserve.
Thank you God for all the things I do not need: movies, wii, furniture, restaurants, appliances, cameras and photography, vacations, ipod, books, watches, and more, more, more.

God grant me an attitude of thankfulness, from which worship always begins.
Thank you for protecting me, forgiving me, guiding me, helping me, using me, creating me, correcting me, challenging me, teaching me...

Thank you God for providing all of my needs and SO much more.


Diana January 15, 2009 at 6:17 PM  

Thanks for this reminder. I need to remember to be thankful for and in everything. I so often have an attitude of "I want" rather than "I have been given to much!" and it's nice to be reminded (and convicted) by friends to be thankful.

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