Season of Prayer and Meditation Entry 10

Continuing to pray for Life Group facilitators today. As i begin to seek God's clear direction for epic in 2009, these people are people on the front line of ministry and therefore on the front line of the spiritual battle for Hanford. I feel compelled to continue my focus on praying for them intently.


Thank you God for these incredible soldiers. Help me lead them with the passion and power of your kingdom. Help me to uphold them with your grace and your care. Help me to inspire them to reach beyond themselves and reach out to where only you can keep them. Help me to love them with Your love so that they know the security of your presence. Help me to shepherd them as the good shepherd (little g) you call me to be.

God, as they pray with their life groups, empower their prayer by your Spirit and connect them to the true issues that happen in the unseen realm. As they fellowship with those in their groups, connect them to one another with authentic friendship and genuine openness, with compassion for one another and with your hands and feet in action among them. As they challenge the members of their groups to conform more to the Word of Life, give them confidence and grace, authority and mercy, knowledge and integrity, help and hope.

Thank you God for these servants, diligent and trustworthy. Thank you.


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