Wordle for this week

Here's Sunday's message wordle.
Click on the image to see it closer up and to check out how wordle works.

I loved our worship gathering this week. Everyone giving input and everyone contributing to the message that God had. I have already heard that things that were said by others had impact on people who were there to listen. Thanks to all who took part in the discussion.

When I was a kid, we would do this kind of monthly (or so) Sunday evening worship service in which people could just stand up and give a testimony. It was kind of cool and a great way to worship. I think those went out of style in modern churches because the testimonies were always so random in subject and seemed like an interference instead of part of the plan...


Diana June 30, 2008 at 1:22 PM  

That wordle thing is so cool! I really enjoyed yesterday. I always like hearing the opinions of the church body.

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