The Rage of Herod

So far this week, I have most enjoyed my reading from Monday's entry in Through the Bible Through the Year. This entry regarding Herod's insane paranoia was very challenging to me. The entry concluded with this paragraph. See if you are as challenged as I am.

In principle, the same situation prevails today. Many people perceive Jesus as a rival, a nuisance, an embarrassment, what C, W Lewis called "a transcendental interferer." So we are faced with an alternative. Either we see Jesus as a threat [to something we hold dear] and are determined like Herod to get rid of Him, or we see him as the King of Kings and are determined like the Magi to worship him.

There are so many areas of my life to which Jesus' full authority presents a threat. There are so many pleasures that squeeze out His agenda in my life. There are so many desires that interfere with God's plans... Jesus is a huge threat to my autonomy.

Jesus is also my King. These truths are living in constant tension in my life. It is in this tension that my faith grows, and develops OR wanes and suffers. It is in this tension that my ministry takes place. It is in this tension that I pray, and praise, and serve, and reach out, and walk, and eat, and breathe.

I know why Isaiah said "woe is me" when he came into contact with God first hand. (Isaiah 6:5) How I regret the times when I have treated my King and my God as my adversary because of my own selfish life.


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