It's Epiphany

Well, it's epiphany. That's right, a Christian holy day that gets lost as we all try to recover from the mad rush of our Christmas festivities.

Officially, today ends the 12 days of Christmas, and it represents the arrival of the magi to worship the Christ. It's called epiphany because it marks the first known revelation of Christ to non-Jews.

Last evening with my Life Group, we shared some "Epiphany bread," (or a "Kings Ring" as some call it). Inside the bread is hidden a little toy baby Jesus and the finder of the baby Jesus receives that last gift of the Christmas season. Well, we didn't have a prize for the finder of the toy, but it was kind of fun to mark the day and talk about it's meaning.

So, to all of my Gentile believing friends, I suggest that you might take some specific time today to reflect upon the time when you had your own epiphany: the time or process of your salvation. For today celebrates the fact the Christ came for us specifically. As you remember the unfolding story of your faith in Christ, worship and thank Him for His sacrifice.

Happy Epiphany!


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