The gospel of Luke

In our survey of the gospels this week, I have been not only reading the entries in the book Through the Bible Through the Year, but have spent some time reading in each of the gospels as well. Mark and John have always ranked as my favs. But Luke really caught my attention this week. Here are some of my observations and I hope they inspire you to spend some time reading God's story in Luke.

1. Luke gives us most of the parables (I love the parables... I always get a lot of depth in my study there).
2. Luke includes so many other characters in the narrative. The people Jesus heals and helps are more than just byproducts of the story. They are part of the story.
3. Luke writes the book of Acts as part of the gospel, not history after the gospel. THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE THING. I love the underlying notion that the story of Jesus is not over, but that it continues in us.
4. Luke pays attention to the details. I like that: in people, in authors, and evidently in Christian witnesses too.
5. Luke was bold. He is the only non-jewish Christian writer of the time. Yet he writes with no inhibition in his faith or in his task.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. (Luke 19:10)
Enjoy your reading!


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