Season of Prayer and Meditation Entry 15

Today I am praying for those who serve humbly and significantly at epic.
Paul & Jen Gillum
Chuck & Bobbi Sierra
Brad & Lori Kane
Ryan & Sarah Reynolds
Kirk Warmerdam
Sal & Josie Lopez
Pat & Jonell Freitas
Nathan & Jennifer Shugert
Debra Dilldine
Keith & Michele Brock
John & Joy Prys
Scott & Ashley Peterson
Norm & Debbie Cooper
Jeffery Hamilton
Darin & Brandi Parson
Gary & Robin Westmoreland
Casey & Bethany Cantrell
Aaron & Tiffany Card
Calvie Clement
Marian Luis
Chris & Emily Lewis

Lord, bless their homes and multiply the time they have to invest in their marriage and family. Give them joy for their service, commitment to your mission, faithfulness to your instruction, health, provision, hope, joy, faith, love. Be all to them and suffice for their needs. Accept their quiet service as the worhip of living. How we love you God, our provider. How we love you.


Scott February 7, 2009 at 12:54 AM  

Thank you for your prayers and your commitment to our community. You are deeply appreciated.

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