Prayer and Meditation Entry 14

I haven't had time to enter anything on this for about a week or so. I have been anxious to do so, but have been busy and tried to moderate the tongues conversation with my blogging time. I think the tongues conversation has been very healthy for our congregation and I have appreciated the way that all have participated in a way that is both filled with conviction and open to mutual input. I think this was a terrific continuation of what happened in our worship gathering at Q a couple of weeks ago.


But I have been continuing to pray and meditate. I spent a day praying for our team that leads us in musical worship each week. I have spent a lot of time praying for this team. I have been reassured that worship is at the core of what we must do. It is what we are. We are worshippers. To be human is to be a worshipper. What else can we be in response to God if we choose to respond to Him? If we ignore Him, we can use our nature to worship in honor of other things. We can worship stuff, money, people, power, prestige, accomplishment... and on and on. But, because we are created by God and for God, our nature is to worship. For that reason, a central aspect of our identity as a church is to SEE God so clearly that we recognize His power and wonder, responding to Him with worship.

Lord, take this team of gifted people and unify them under your authority and glory. Show yourself to them so that they can be the first of all worshippers among us. Help them to lead us to You and to inspire us to respond to you with worship you deserve instead of worship we like. Oh God, help us with this team to go beyond ourselves in honor of you. Our ways are so insignificant compared to Your glory. But we stay inside ourselves and honor You with little worship... worship we like and worship that we feel comfortable with. Teach us like Isaiah to realize how unworthy our lips are to worship You... how limited we are in ourselves to honor You, how small we are in your presence. And God help us to reach beyond ourselves to offer more than little songs, more that words from unclean lips, more than tokens, more than gestures, more than moments, more than favorites... God teach what it is to worship in spirit and truth. Teach us what it is to worship you in friendship and respect. Teach us what it is to worship in word and in deed. God make us lifelong instruments of worship that play a lifetime in symphony to You.

Lord, take these servants and consecrate them by Your Spirit to fully accomplish that which you have called them to as our worship leading team.

Rhonda, Aaron, Neill, Amanda, Jeff, Sarah, Ryan, Sarah, Jordan, Brandi, Diana.
Capture them now. Never let them go. Empower them now. Never let them fade. Protect them now. Never let them falter. Inspire them now. Never let them wonder. Love them now. Never let them doubt.



mandarose February 3, 2009 at 12:54 PM  

so i just subscribed to blogspot and am in the process of creating my own...i found your blog through scott's and so i thought i'd take a peek...this prayer was EXACTLY what i needed to hear at this very moment, and i am feeling very encouraged because of it.

and i basically wanted to say thank you.

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