Some Great Suggestions for Losing Connection with the Holy Spirit

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Having been a Christ-follower since childhood, I have gone through various season of distance and/or closeness with God through His Spirit. I would love to say that those experiences have made me an expert at fulfilling the Bible's instruction that I have quoted above. Instead, as I reflect, I find that I am much more skilled at keeping out of step than I am at keeping in step.

If you ever reach a place in your Christian life when you are just tired of experiencing closeness with God, dynamic effectiveness in your ministry, godly wisdom in all of your thinking, victory over temptation, and living impact from your daily quiet time, let me make a few suggestions.

1. Wallow in self-blame when things go wrong.
2. Revel in self-praise when things go right.
3. Nurse your wounds.
4. Allow bruised relationships to quietly sink into disintegration.
5. Believe the compliments of others.
6. Believe the insults of others.
7. Pray less and plan more.
8. Make your plan by copying the success of others.
9. Aim for success instead of aiming for faithful obedience.
10. And finally, read more contemporary books than you read the Bible.

I hope that these simple but effective suggestions help you...


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