Conference Response 3

I'm not sure I have spent enough time ruminating on Andy Stanley's statements. And I have been following him on twitter hoping he would tweet out some more profound, life-changing, 140 character eternal truths. I don't want to say that Andy has let me down or anything... but ummmm. I guess Twitter might not be the place to look for that stuff huh?

The next thing that is really alive to me from the conference is what Francis Chan said. He said (in a nutshell of course, and in my own paraphrase - so don't call Francis and accuse of anything I notate here) that "if the Holy Spirit doesn't do something, it won't get done, even if we can make it look like it is getting done."

Salvation, spirituality, personal worship, discipleship, Christian service, integrity, character, mission... None of them can be created by our efforts. We cannot manufacture them. No matter how much I want them for myself or for my children, or for the friends I serve in my church, I can not cause them to happen.

I wish that were some kind of relief to me. I wish that somehow that took some kind of weight from my shoulders. I wish that I felt like my job description somehow just shrunk. What I feel is discouraged. (I typed in the word 'forlorn' but decided that it sounded pompous and out of date.) I fee discouraged not because I doubt the power of the HS to deliver on his job description, or because I have a small picture of God and His power. I'm discouraged because I'm not sure I trust people to respond to the Holy Spirit as He does his job. I'm discouraged by MY unresponsiveness to the HS.

I respond to my desires, my comfort, my 'happiness' (to confess to the dilemma of my most recent sermon) much more readily than I respond to the Holy Spirit. I WANT TO ONLY CHOOSE GOD.

I MUST PRAY. I have taught many times that prayer is the most effective thing a Christ-follower can ever do. I MUST PRAY MORE. I must pray that the HS do in me, and in my family, and in my congregation all that He desires of us AND that we respond to Him above all else.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Have your way in me. Teach me to love like you love, to live like you lived, to give with your generosity, to serve with your humility, to think with your wisdom, to see others through your grace, to live out your mission with the determination that compelled you to hang on my cross. And move mightily in me and through me to act according to your perfect will.


Scott April 28, 2009 at 11:45 PM  


I'm glad you have grown from your experience at Catalyst this year. I'm going to try and not be bitter that I wasn't invited :)

annie April 29, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

i was at the conference too and i never saw you, :(
i hope to see you at the 7conference this weekend
twitter for me is a place to see the personal side of people, if i want to get advice or anything on that level i can go to their blog's or podcasts or books, every once in a while its ok to get something on that level, but that is my opinion of twittering.
the conference "wrecked" me on many levels, it was too much to take in.... Ravi's story about "who would want my hand when i die"? am i living in such a way that someone would want my hand because i severed them so much? wrecked i tell ya!!
for me, knowing that the HS makes it all happen is a relief, and as tony from p90x says, "do your best, and forget the rest!"
i know you are!!!

Debra D. April 29, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

This is what the Lord has been speaking to my spirit about also. My prayer is that I walk closer to him every moment, the closer I am, the louder his voice is to me and the better I can respond!
Lord....make me like Stephen!! So full of your Holy Spirit, that I could pray for those that would do me harm, so full that I could look up and see Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father!!
So full of your HS that no one could be around me for even a moment without sensing your presence!!!
Break my heart for what breaks yours!!

justjill April 29, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

Isn't this our purpose on earth??? Isn't it a consist effort to try to be even a bit like our Father and Jesus Christ? Bruce, I feel you!! Your prayer has been my prayer for decades and I still don't get it. The natural man always seems to get the best of me...I pray with you and for you and for all us!! He never said it would be easy just WORTH IT!!!

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