100 Things I'm Thankful For

For my first post in the Gratitude Journal, I am going to focus on the people who are special to me.

1.     MY WIFE
I'm thankful for my wife, The Incredible Songstress.  The loves me so patiently and gently.  She believes in me and makes me feel 'at home' wherever we are together.  She not only loves me, but she likes me.  That God chose her for me, is the grandest blessing in my life, filling my empty gaps with her endless talent and graces.  To love her is more than easy... it's fun!

I'm thankful for my children, all three.  Elder Son who cares deeply for people and enjoys them.  He is brilliant and his intellect blows me away.  He accepted Christ at the age of five and longs to please Him every day.  Middle M, whose quirky smile and gregarious sense of humor lightens every room.  He is agile and savvy, loves God with a desire to know Him, and chases life with gusto.  Princess is strong and joyful, creative and a natural achiever with a passion for beauty.  She has eyes to see Jesus in people.  It would be nice to take credit for their strength, but the truth is that I done more enjoying of them than forming of them.

My mother has immigrated to her true home in the next life, but her marks are everywhere in the people around me.  A creative soul with a wide circle of influence, she encouraged without effort and gave her best to everything she committed to.  I am thankful to have been raised by committed, caring, dependable Christians who pointed my life in the right direction.  My dad showed me faithfulness and dependability.  He expanded my view of Christian faith by challenging the box that defined (or maybe confined) my view and experience of God's grace.

Brothers don't compliment each other much, but my brothers have proven to be more of a team for me than I could have dreamt they ever would be.  Balanced, dependable, productive.  More conservative than me - evidently that's because I'm the youngest and I was coddled.  We couldn't be more different OR more the same.

Freddie, Kris, Chuck & Lizz, Chris, JeerMe, Chris, Paul, Kevin, Kerry, John, Jason, Rob & Lisa... and the list goes on.  My life has been enriched by special people and shaped by the wonderful fact that they like me and enjoy my company.   My life is savory for having shared it with incredible people.  I wish that life had afforded me the pleasure of spending every season of it surrounded by the cloud of great friends I have enjoyed, but alas, the shifting current of earthly life moves friends in and out of proximity. However, with this kind of friend, the joy they bring echoes into the farthest valleys and through every season of life.  A hone call connects us as if there had never been a gap.

Lord God of Heaven and Earth, you are almighty and personal.  I love you and I thank you for loving me with your everlasting love and I thank you for showing your love to me through these people who prove unmistakably that you do love me.  I have been so happy to share this "one another" Christian journey with these incredible people.  Thank you for the joy we have shared, the struggles we have carried together, the differences that made us stronger as we learned to continue with them instead of in spite of them, the deep thinking that we worked out...  Lord, my life is truly RICH with the blessing of the people you have put in my life.  I want to be a person who blesses you and blesses these people in return.  Grant it I pray.  Amen
"I will bless the Lord at all times.  His praise will continually be in my mouth."  Psalm 34:1


Paula (Gibbs) George June 19, 2012 at 1:28 AM  

Bruce Kane was my youth pastor twenty years ago. He not only taught us the word he showed us the word and how to live it. I remember we had a homeless outreach where we stayed all nite outside on church grounds as if we were homeless. The next day after a lesson on homelessness he took us to feed the homeless and offer prayer. That was a profound moment in my life. Today, I run a successful company and several times throughout the year I gather friends business associated and family and we go the homeless shelters and bring food clothes gift cards, toys, toiletries, bible tracts, prayer, and mostly hope!

Paula (Gibbs) George June 19, 2012 at 1:36 AM  

Bruce was there for alot of us teenagers and I know this was only one little seed that he planted but the lives that have been touched through this one lesson through me continue on to many. My husband and my daughter have a real heart for the homeless because of this one message that got through to a lonely teenage girl who needed a mentor and God used Bruce. I never got to tell Bruce how much he meant to me then but I want to say thank you now! I am a better person for having known you, as you guided not only me but alot of us through dark places with the light of Jesus! Keep shining Bruce :)

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