Window on a conversation with God

I was driving on Wednesday and fretting as I did...  This seemed a perfect time to unload my anxiety on God.  If you were looking through my windshield, here is the conversation you would have spied, with your spiritual eyes and ears, as you did.

I said:  "God, please God, please deliver me.  Take care of me.  Protect me.  I'm so worried that things will not work out and that we will fall flat."


Me:  "Should I pursue the financial help that epic needs from ____________________?"


Me:  "I know that if I asked him, he would agree.  Should I ask him?"


Me:  "Are you telling me not to do it, or are you telling me that I have the right idea and I don't need your further instructions?


Friday, I was driving again.  And again I was fretting.  And again it was about finances.  Here's how that conversation went.

Me:  God, I know that if I talk to him, the need will be fully met.

God:  Do you want to do that?

Me:  I don't know.  I mean, I don't mind doing it.  But I don't fell right about it yet.  I want you to make me feel right about it.

God:  If you want to do it... do it.

Me:  That doesn't make me feel right.

God:  If you want for feel right, let me do what I am already doing.

Me:  Why do I still feel worried then?

God:  You don't trust me.

Me:  How long do I have to wait to see the need met?


Me:  How long?


Me: So, should I call him?

God:  If you want what I can do... wait for what I do.  If you want what you can do... don't wait.


God:  You don't trust me.

Me:  God, thank you for this sun that is shining, this road that is paved, this car that starts and runs and stops, this comfortable pair of shoes.  Thank you for dimples on daughter, smiles on sons, warmth in my home...  I trust you.

God:  You trust me with you, but you need to trust me with the congregation.


God:  Will you?

Me:  God, thank you for faithful friends who pray when I am down, for servants who serve even when it's not fun, for lights and speakers, for bulletins and Bibles.  Thank you for cooks and servers.  Thank you for chairs and those who stack them.  Thank you for prayer warriors who make it all possible.  Thank you for partners who love their neighbors.  Thank you for life groups.  Thank you for givers...  Thank you for givers...

God:  You're welcome.


Me:   OK, so I shouldn't call him?



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