Knowing by Heart

My new phone.  WHAT A WONDERFUL THING...  I must confess that I have avoided the new phone dilemma for quite some time, forcing myself to be satisfied with my functional phone of old.  Recently, however, my FPOO (functional phone of old) stopped working.  This is the second version of this phone that has stopped working in exactly the same way for me.  Boooooooo Samsung!  So it was time for a new phone.  And I got a great one with all the bells and whistles... 

My new phone.  It still calls.  It texts just as most phones now do.  And it is a smart phone.  REALLY SMART.  It is so smart that it makes me feel dumb sometimes. 

Now my FPOO was supposed to be smart, but when trying to load a mobile version of the Bible on it, I was always so dissatisfied that I never used that function.  But my new phone is really smart and I have my Bible out at the whip of a finger.  And I love it.

One of the things I have been doing with my new TSP (truly smart phone) is memorizing scripture.  One of my pastoral confessions is that I have been a big fat failure when it comes to scripture memorization.  Oh I can recite some pretty well.  I actually know where to find a few.  But for the most part, I don't have that much memorized.  Pastoral Failure #762.

I recently came across this quote and it has motivated me to use my smart phone to become a smarter Christain. 

"What a heart knows by heart is what a heart really know."

After coming through a prolonged season of discouragement and depression, I have to ask myself. "if my heart had been smarter abour scripture, whould I have believed the lies that plunged me into that darkness?"

So here it begins.  Instead of bejeweled or solitaire during those down times in line, I will be tuning my phone into my heart-smartening Bible app for memorization.  If you see me with my nose in my phone, ask me, "how's the memorization?"  Test me even.  I suppose a little accountability won't hurt me one little bit.


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