WARNING This is a Political Post

OK, so it's been months since I last posted on the blog. Sorry. And I usually avoid political positioning, since it is usually divisive instead of transformational. (I AM STILL AVOIDING POLITICAL POSITIONING.) So, I'm sorry to put myself back on the blog with politics, but I think you'll enjoy it.

I recently came across this article written by a liberal in support of proposition 8. The reason I resonate with this journalist is because he and I have a shared value: children. Check it out! In a discussion that (among Christians) has become about the personal rights of consenting adults and a governments role in regulating morality, here is another take on the topic that forces Christians to consider the role of government not in light of those who are able to exercise their rights with confidence, but the government's role in protecting the welfare (the most significant right of all) of those who are not able to exercize their rights or their voice with confidence.

Happy Thinking!

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