Wordle of the Week... and then some!

Here is this week's wordle.

I loved this message. It seemed to bring application to the inspiration that God gave during last Sunday's worship gathering. Last week I could see people being moved by the Holy Spirit as I spoke. And last week's message was really so simple (go figure!). And this week, I could tell that people were anxious for more from God... and that He was delivering more. He was delivering an intellectual handle on what He had done deep in our spirits the week previous.

This Sunday was fraught with spiritual attack. (Oh, I know some of you are uncomfortable with that term... however when it is obvious that circumstances both spiritual and physical are stacking up against something that God is doing in you or through you, you have to put 2 & 2 together and come up with the legitimate answer. Check it out. The weekend was overbooked. On Friday there were relationship issues rising in the congregation. There were difficult pastoral responsibilities needing immediate attention. Unexpected out-of-town guests (we were really escited to get to see them) called to say they would be coming through town on Sunday and wanted to visit. The shelves in the garage fell off the wall, loading the garage floor with our camping gear, gardening utensils, ice chests, and more. And we were very short-handed for set-up on Sunday morning.

So, I am sure that out there is someone to whom God was ministering powerfully during the gathering. I have heard reports from 2.


Well there sure are a lot more words in that thing this week!


Diana July 15, 2008 at 3:35 PM  

I wish I would have been there this Sunday. The story of Joseph is one of my favorite, and I teach it as a narrative in my Christian Literature course. I'll have to listen to the message online and see what I can pull out of it to use in class.

Debra D. July 16, 2008 at 8:56 AM  

Your right Bruce, about the Holy Spirt moving in the service, I have felt him very strong in the last several services! We are anxious for more of God and he is delivering in a big way!! Thank you for staying connected.

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